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“When first arriving at Wilson Chiropractic, I was in severe discomfort.  I had had a migraine for 16 days prior to coming in! Dr. Jen examined me and took x-rays, then I got adjusted and had some therapy and a massage.  I felt instant relief!  By the next morning my migraine was gone.  With continued visits, I noticed other aches and pains (that I thought were a part of aging) started to diminish and go away.  The staff is always professional and in a positive mood. “

Paul K.


“After visiting Dr. Wilsonís office for about six weeks, my daily tension headaches are gone and my low back pain of 13 years is diminishing!“

Waylon E.


“I came to Wilson Chiropractic with severe lower back pain. I had been suffering with this condition for years. After trying anti-inflammatory medications and exercise, I called the Wilsons. I was always leery of chiropractic care until I tried it! They were so informative, concerned, positive, and friendly. Now, I understand more and more about it and how it can help me!”



“Before coming to Dr. Wilson, I was to the point of actually thinking surgery would be the only way to correct my lower back and sciatic pain. I decided to give Chiropractic a chance and I am so happy I did! Before Chiropractic I could not be on my feet for long periods due to the pain in my left hip and down to my foot. I am so happy to say I have been relieved of most of my pain.”

Janell H


“I came to Wilson Chiropractic with a stiff neck and a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I had been bothered with these problems for about a month and tried exercise and Ibuprofen with little relief. All of the treatments were thoroughly explained and I felt comfortable with everything that was done. It was incredibly relaxing and felt great! The stiffness in my neck and the pain in my shoulder have been greatly reduced. I have recommended chiropractic care to anyone I know that is experiencing any type of pain.”

Jake T.


“After hurting my neck, shoulder, and back playing sports, I was in a lot of pain and I could not turn my head. After my first adjustment, the headache I had for a week disappeared and I finally got some relief. A few weeks later of treatments, my neck and back feel better and stronger than before. I now sleep through the night which I have not done in a long time due to waking up with neck cramps. I feel much stronger when I play now!”

Misty K


“I woke up one morning with such severe leg pain that I could not walk. I had taken pain pills but gotten no relief. I went to an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas who, after numerous tests, told me that I must have an epidural and that later on back surgery was a possibility. I decided to try Wilson Chiropractic first. I have gone from unable to walk, to walking with a cane, to normal painless walking!”

John W.


“When I first visited Dr. Wilson, I was in extreme pain and could not put on my shoes or tie them. After several visits all of that changed. I have received the best care and everybody is very concerned about my progress. Thank you for the high level of treatment I have received!”

David H

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